Anjels is Singapore’s first and only digital marketing company to bring advertisers closer to their target viewers through its offline outdoor digital advertisement platform with online advertisement viewing and booking. 


Gain more eyeballs in your direction at high-traffic locations,

leverage on our value-added marketing and design services!

With Anjels first and only proprietary offline-to-online (kiosk-to-portal) and online-to-offline (portal-to-kiosk) system, we elevate your advertising, sales and marketing promotion activities to the next level with increase customer awareness.

We establish a sophisticated network of outdoor digital kiosks at high human-traffic locations, enabling prospective advertisers and innovative marketers to book these advertising spaces as a gateway to showcase their advertisements (products/services) and customer engagement campaigns.

The online advertisement booking system provides the convenience and ease for advertisers booking advertising space. It empowers advertisers to be creative in their ads design and choice of locations to gain right eyeballs.

For viewers on the go, now they can go online to view the advertisement as displayed on the digital kiosk. All advertisements are viewable online! They will not miss any advertisement. Viewers can also participate in the online marketing campaign.

Anjels utilise digital signage technology with O2O strategy to take outdoor digital advertisement concept to a new level of ease, convenience and affordability. We have created the first offline-to-online (online-to-offline) digital advertising platform to bridge advertisers with target audience, so that….. 

” Now All Can Advertise ! “



vision &



To provide an avenue for all to advertise.


To be the platform of choice for independent outdoor digital information dissemination, and create an ecosystem for clients and partners to interact with one another.


We provide free ads design to minimise campaign setup time.

Value-added services such as photography, short video clip production and marketing strategy consultation are available as a one-stop service strategy for our esteemed clients to achieve increased sales revenue and productivity.

We are committed to excellent customer services. Our deliverables are simple: See your business advertised among clusters of high and qualified traffic!

Send your resources over and leave the hassle of putting it together to us! 

Contact us for a discussion!

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