Anjels Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising Platform

Today, businesses worldwide spend hundreds of billions of dollars, increasing due to the impressive return on investment (ROI) generated, on digital advertising annually. For companies that desire to stay competitive, it is absolutely essential to take your ad strategy online.

Anjels take the application of digital signage a step further. We enhanced and evolved our digital signage system into a smart digital out of home advertising platform.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of interactive digital advertising. It uses digital displays and digital screens as the out-of-home (OOH) media for advertising and promotions. Digital outdoor advertising in Singapore can be in the form of large LED screens, digital kiosks or digital screens inside/outside buildings, train and bus stations, airports, shopping malls as well as on public transportation such as taxis, buses and trains.

It is a great selling tool for advertisers to have direct interaction with clients. It provides a quick and easy mean for all businesses to accelerate and increase their sales revenue through direct digital advertising and customer engagement promotional campaign.

Currently, the trend is towards online digital advertising and marketing, utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads and Ads Banners on popular websites. Indeed, these form of digital advertising and marketing campaign reach out to large numbers of viewers and millions of clicks.

However, online marketing and digital advertising present some issues:

  • Audiences are able to turn off the advertisements
  • Advertisers are unable to measure the conversion rate.
  • Some clicks are even by robots programmed to increase click count

Our Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising Platform

Anjels has created the first and only O2O (offline to online/online to offline) digital out-of-home advertising platform that combines offline physical outdoor digital display kiosks and digital screens with online web portal.

This revolutionary O2O digital advertising marketplace creates an eco-system for offline advertising and promotions to online purchase in the B2B and B2C space. It serves as a gateway for advertisers and innovative marketers to reach target audiences with customer engage promotional campaign. It brings advertisers closer to their customers.

This platform gives tremendous flexibility and mileage to advertisers. They go online to book the advertisement spots at their choice locations and campaign time directly. All promotions will be viewed and accessed online by anyone in the world – pay local price for worldwide audience.

Offline to Online

  • Advertisers run special promotions on the digital displays.
  • Viewer spotted promotional ads on the digital display while on the go, can go online to our portal to view the details of the promotion, anytime. To buy the promotional item, simply purchase it online.
  • Viewer can scroll through all other advertisement or promotions running on that digital display.

Online to offline

  • Advertisers go to our online portal to view and select a variety of advertising locations, campaign dates customization.
  • Anjels will work with you for the design of the ads and publish it on the selected dates.


Benefits to Viewers

  • Saves time – don’t need to wait for the particular ads or promotion to appear again on the digital display.
  • No pressure – view, select and purchase the promotion at your own time.


Benefits to Advertisers

  • Guaranteed viewership for your advertisement and promotions
  • Garner more online traffic to your corporate website
  • Quick time-to-market for your sales & marketing campaign
  • Fit into any advertising and promotional budget
  • Exposure to worldwide online audience
  • Quick & Easy process to select, book and pay for ads space with a wide range of design templates to choose from.
  • Flexibility to change campaign content, dates and locations
  • Analytics to track no of visits to view ads


With Anjels’s first and only proprietary offline-to-online (kiosk-to-portal) and online-to-offline (portal-to-kiosk) system, we elevate your digital advertising and digital promotion activities to the next level of direct customer engagement that result in increased sales.


Who does Anjels DOOH Platform Serves?

  • FMCG
  • F&B
  • Healthcare and medical products & services
  • Education
  • Large retail stores – run promotions for consumers
  • Government agencies – public announcements, educational information
  • Property agents
  • Job listings
  • Maid agency
  • Household services such as part-time cleaners, baby-sitter
  • Interior design


Why Advertise on Anjels DOOH Platform ?

  • Targeted audience for local market
  • High visibility locations of digital displays
  • Online reach to worldwide audience
  • Regional market – cross border advertising made possible
  • Only O2O digital advertising platform


Have an existing digital screen/kiosk?  

Become Our Partners in DOOH!

Our unique digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising and promotion platform is built on the basis of a sharing economy. We collaborate with owners of existing digital screens and/or digital kiosks to share the screen space for digital advertisements and promotions to run on them.


How to be Part of the Ads-Sharing Economy

  1. Fill in the information on this portal
  2. Accompany pictures of outlet (front, left and right)


Benefits of a Partner

  • Increase your profit margins
    • Convert your current digital screens into money-making assets.
  • Improve your reputation on an International level
    • Your profile is listed on our online portal accessible by the world. Immediately the whole world will know you. The world becomes your customer!
  • Remote monitoring and tracking
    • Our platform allows you to track available ads space, view current ads running on your digital displays as well as other locations.
  • Analytics and reporting
    • Our platform provides monthly analytics of the impressions of your digital displays.
  • Free software and service
    • We supply our digital signage software to you free of charge and free ads layout service to you so that you can focus on marketing strategy to grow your business 
  • System management
    • We will manage the whole process from advertisement booking, ads design, campaign detail to program launch. Absolutely hassle free money making business.


Anjels Digital Out-of-Home Business

Anjels DOOH advertising platform is a sophisticated platform catering to different types of advertisers who want to target different types of client base.

For advertisers who target the general consumers, our platform covers general public areas with high human traffic, such as MRT stations, bus interchange and malls.

 For advertisers whose target audiences are high-end clienteles, corporate key decision-makers and well off frequent travelers, we offer advertising spaces in all the rooms of exclusively 5-star and above only hotels in China.

Option 1 – Single Booking

One time booking of advertisement spot for a fixed duration. Once the campaign is over, advertisers can choose to book another spot as a new contract.

Option 2 – Spots Subscription

This option allows advertisers to pre-book fixed number of spots over a period of time. It gives you the flexibility to choose any locations at any time and you have the first priority for the selected spots.


Our Value-Added Services

The business objective of Anjels Media is to build long-term business relationship with our clients. We achieve this by giving more values to our digital signage customers.

We provide a complete one-stop service:

  • Free creative layout design to minimize campaign setup time
  • Free advertising space in our DOOH platform for digital signage customers
  • Free marketing strategy advice and consultation
  • Video production and professional photography services through partners
  • Joint marketing and promotional activities for customers and partners


Regional Presence

Anjels has established partnership in Indonesia and Malaysia for the digital advertising platform. Our regional advertising platform allows us to give our clients the opportunity to showcase their products and services in these countries.

With our regional presence and online presence, clients who advertise in our DOOH platform gain international exposure.

With plans to expand into the ASEAN region, we strive to provide the digital platform to our clients for further business growth.

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