Digital Signage Singapore

Digital signage in Singapore is a new robust form of information display on digital screens. It allows static and scrolling text, digital images, videos and real-time information such as date, time and social posts to be displayed on the digital screen all at the same time.

Advancement in display technology also drives the adoption of Anjels smart digital signage by mass market. Our digital signage is suitable for common types of digital display that include LED, LCD screens, digital standing kiosks, digital media boards and digital video walls.

Digital TV screen

Standing kiosk

Digital Signage Advertising

Digital LCD screen

Digital Signage Advertising

Digital TV screen

Video-Wall (2)

Video wall

Digital Signage Advertising

Digital LED screen

Interactive whiteboard

Digital signage is commonly found in public areas such as train and bus stations, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and clinics, cinemas, banks and shopping malls. It is widely used as the directory for wayfinding, information dissemination, entertainment, merchandising information, marketing, and advertising.

Anjels digital signage is a cloud-based system designed for quick remote updates of information onto the digital screens or digital signage kiosk Singapore. The simple drag-and-drop design of our digital signage software is easy to learn and use.


Benefits of digital signage

  • Elevate brand image with an attractive and animated display of products/services
  • Entice passing crowds into the outlet through attractive advertising & promotional displays on the outlet digital screen
  • Increase sales with quick time-to-market promotions
  • Achieve cost savings on printing, production, and distribution
  • Increase productivity

Anjels Digital Signage Business

Our aim is to allow all business owners a low barrier of entry into the realm of digital world. We want to help you to grow your business through effective digital marketing. Therefore, we give our clients different options in adopting our digital signage advertising solution.

Option 1 – Complete Ownership

Clients can choose to have complete ownership of the digital signage system with the outright purchase of the system as follows:

  • Basic system package that consists of Anjels Digital signage software application and media player. Suitable for clients with existing digital screens.
  • Full system package that includes digital displays or digital signage kiosk with digital signage application. The system comes with 1-year warranty, service and maintenance.

Option 2 – System Subscription-based Service

An alternative for clients to enjoy the benefits of digital signage without incurring high cost is our offer for digital signage platform solution on a subscription basis. Under this option, clients can choose to subscribe only to our digital signage system only, or subscribe to our full system.

This option offers the following benefits:

  1. No upfront capital investment
  2. No yearly maintenance fees
  3. Free software upgrades

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